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Architecture And Politics
No Strangers In Pair-A-Dice


To provide an informational and educational case study in electronic format that documents the creation of the Rivergate, the efforts to preserve it, and the destruction of this significant mid twentieth-century public building in New Orleans, Louisiana.



To present the genesis of a uniquely designed public building.

To provide an architectural record of the construction of the building.

To document the various economic, social, and political forces centered on gambling that called for the destruction of the building.

To document the difficulty, under the existing system, in securing national historic status for buildings less than fifty years old.

To furnish an account of the demolition and replacement of the Rivergate with a gambling casino on the Rivergate site.

To demonstrate the need to preserve significant buildings less than fifty years old.

To provide appendices and other resources for additional research in this and related subjects.

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