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executive producer
wilbur e. meneray

project director
information designer
abbye a. gorin

helen r. malin
nathaniel curtis
arthur q. davis
c.b. forgotston
abbye a. gorin
wilbur e. meneray
michael rouchell

map research
john magill

map and logo graphic arts
michael rouchell
production technical team
tulane technology infrastructure services
mary walsh
director, application services

hudson oliver
electronic book designer
post production
leonard bertrand
electronic page construction

audio/video digitization + cleanup for this CD
web lizards, llc
petri laihonen
tim saarela
original audio/video digitization
tulane media services
derek toten, manager
sheldon jones, audio/visual specialist

michelle bertrand
darlene bertrand

video productions
university of new orleans
department of drama and communications

barbara coleman
executive producer

to goal and objectivesto acknowledgements