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title page
architecture and politics no strangers in pair-a-dice

table of contents

goal and objectives



remembering an historic moment in our recent past

a coleman gorin production

wilbur e. meneray

chapter 1
architecture in the service of politics

abbye a. gorin

chapter 2
land use before the rivergate, c. 1950

john magill, research and michael rouchell, graphic arts

chapter 3
the design architect: nathaniel curtis, faia

abbye a. gorin

chapter 4
the design process

nathaniel curtis

chapter 5
architecture, engineering, and construction

chapter 6
gambling: the social milieu that tore the rivergate down

c.b. forgotston

chapter 7
louisiana politics of destruction
part 1

part 2

abbye a. gorin and wilbur e. meneray

chapter 8
a politically slanted competition

michael rouchell

chapter 9
demolition of the rivergate and construction of the casino

michael rouchell

chapter 10
what the rivergate could have been for the city

nathaniel curtis and michael rouchell

chapter 11
summing up preservation of the recent past

arthur q. davis

appendix 1
who's who in the gambling blitz

c.b. forgotston

appendix 2
chronology of events in the gambling blitz
6 january 1986 - 21 november 1995

c.b. forgotston

appendix 3
gambling in louisiana, it's a tradition

abbye a. gorin and wilbur e. meneray

appendix 4
gov. edwin edwards era
harrah's jazz co.'s falling house of cards

annotated selected articles
6 december 1989 - 3 december 1995
abbye a. gorin

appendix 5
selected letters to the editor
support for the rivergate

25 may 1992 - 31 august 1994

appendix 6
selected "gambling bubble" commentaries

james gill
28 march 1993 - 13 december 1995

appendix 7
the rivergate and the gambling blitz

annonated selected articles
28 october 1993 - 3 december 1995

abbye a. gorin

appendix 8
awards: curtis and davis architects and planners

from the office of nathaniel curtis

appendix 9
published projects: curtis and davis and nathaniel curtis

from the office of nathaniel curtis

appendix 10
selected photographs

part 1
the rivergate under construction, 1965-1968

charles l. franck

part 2
the new rivergate, c. 1968

frank lotz miller

part 3
the rivergate before demolition, 1994

alan karchmer

part 4
destruction of the rivergate, 1995

abbye a. gorin


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