Published: Sunday, November 21, 1993
Edition: THIRD
Section: METRO
Page: B6


New Orleans

The Rivergate should be renovated.

I was construction manager of the Rivergate during the final 15 months of its construction. I agree wholeheartedly with architect Nathaniel Curtis, designer of the Rivergate, that this unusual concrete structure, containing the world's largest thin shell roof, should be preserved and alterations made to certain walls on the exterior and inside the building, creating the world's largest casino.

This renovation would reduce the construction time by approximately 18 months as opposed to tearing down the entire existing structure.

During construction of the Rivergate, there were visitors (mostly architects and structural engineers) from Johannesburg, South Africa; Sydney, Australia; Munich, Germany; and London to view the architecture of this very unusual structure.

The renovated building, if properly redesigned, preferably by local architects, could become the largest and most outstanding casino in the world.

Jim Pittard

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