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appendix 5

selected letters to the editor
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support for the rivergate
25 may 1992 - 31 august 1994

25 May 1992
McGoey, Matt
"Let's save the Rivergate," B-6.

5 November 1992
Wilson, Samuel Jr. [Dean of Architectural Preservation in New Orleans]
"Don't destroy Rivergate," B-6.

3 March 1993
Godchaux, Renna, Member, City Planning Commission
"Planning commissioner on the casino battle," B-6.

19 October 1993
Robertson, Donna V., Dean, Tulane School of Architecture
"Demolition of the Rivergate is not necessary," B-6.

21 November 1993
Pittard, Jim
"Don't demolish the Rivergate," B-6.

22 November 1993
McNaughton, E. Eean, Architect
"To rescue the Rivergate," B-4.

27 Februray 1994
Stich, Charles
"Significance of the Rivergate," B-6.

1 March 1994
Tucker, Thomas W.
"The mayor's haste to tear down the Rivergate," B-6.

4 March 1994
Lemann, Bernard, Professor Emeritus, School of Architecture, Tulane University
"Efforts to save the Rivergate from extinction," B-6.

6 March 1994
Christovich, Mary Louise
"The quest to save an architectural gem," B-6.

10 August 1994
Shivers, Natalie W. [Washington, D.C.].
"Saving a significant building -- the Rivergate," B-6.

31 August 1994
Perrone, Rosemary V.
"Unreasonable demolition," B-6. bottom_line.GIF


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