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appendix 10 part 1

selected photographs
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the rivergate under construction, 1965-1968
by charles l. franck

board of commissioners of the port of new orleans, records and archives.
copy negatives by joseph p. rodriques, port photojournalist.

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Images 1-4, before Hurricane Betsy on 9 September 1965.

18 January 1965
View of site work showing the beginning of the construction of the expressway tunnel under Canal Street and the Rivergate (river side of the building) and stabilization of Canal Street. Liberty Monument (a granite shaft erected by Crescent White League to commemorate 14 September 1874 battle against Yankee Metropolitan Police) has since been relocated from Canal Street to near the entrance of One Canal Place parking garage.

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19 May 1965

View of the pile driving operation.

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21 June 1965

View showing the grid of the subfloor beginning to emerge.

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18 August 1965

View showing the columns with bell tops at different levels of the subsurface parking garage.

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21 October 1965

View showing the lower part of the reinforcing of columns as they begin to rise from the lowest level of the building. World Trade Center, upper right corner of the image.

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18 November 1965

Detail of reinforcing cages of the columns.

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17 May 1966
View showing the beginning of the erection of the vaulted roof; some vault trusses lying on the ground; and the wall structure, upper left, Poydras and South Peters Streets.

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17 May 1966
View of roof trusses in various stages of construction and erection.

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17 October 1967

View showing the actual construction of the barrel roof, the wing-like overhang on Poydras Street, and connection of the roof to the columns.

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17 April 1968

View showing much form work in place and the emergence of the distinctive shape of the Rivergate. topline2.gif (123 bytes)

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