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Francine Judd, Photographic Copy Work

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Cover Picture Credits

Nathaniel Curtis (1917-1997).
Charcoal and pastel drawing by Nell Curtis Tilton, 1997.
Superdome, construction sketch by Curtis, c. 1972.
Superdome, sketch by Curtis, c. 1972.
Second Liner, drawing by Curtis, 1978.
New Orleans Cityscape, rendering by Curtis, nd.

Illustration credits are given when known. Most images were found in Curtis' office after his death. Although Frank Lotz Miller was the official photographer for the Curtis and Davis firm, loose negatives such as the jazz parade in the Rivergate under construction and photos in the Curtis and Davis brochures without credits can only be assumed to be the work of Miller. A large body of photographs by Frank Lotz Miller taken for Curtis and Davis can be found in the Nathaniel C. Curtis Jr. Collection, Southeastern Architectural Archive, Tulane.



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